EUR/USD eases modestly after PMIs' miss

Still trading at two-year highs, the EUR/USD pair lost upward momentum after the release of July preliminary PMIs for July below expected, although growth pace remains at multi year highs.

EUR/USD within range post-PMI, around 1.1640

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Coastline Trading: Fractal approach to the market

Coastline Trader Gonçalo Moreira

The Trader

Gonçalo Moreira, CMT FXStreet
I've become a product of FXStreet. A profitable one

FXstreet analyst and professional trader Mr. Moreira has worked at FXStreet for 10 years, in which he has learned and been inspired by the best of our contributors.

What coastline trading stands for:

  • A serious strategy that infra leverages each trade
  • A risk to reward ratio of 50 to 1 or worse
  • A permanent draw down, sometimes higher than 40%
  • No stop losses, No timing the market
  • And be consistently profitable
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