Adam Fiske

Adam Fiske

Founder Boss Trading

Adam Fiske solves lack of "edge" - the root cause of 90% of traders' problems. He guides traders in mastering a playbook of positive expectancy strategies ("edge"). Adam transforms traders in under 12 months, combining 1-on-1 mentoring plus a front-row seat to watch and emulate his trading.

Traders gain confidence knowing they have skills acquired only at professional firms until working with Adam. 

Adam has 19 years of industry experience in stock broking, wholesale investor wealth management and futures trading for a professional firm. The latter formed Adam's understanding of institutions' emphasis on trading relative value, a vital component of his daily trading game plan. 

Adam has accreditations in ASX Derivatives Advisor levels 1 and 2, Foreign Exchange General Advice and several tiers of Financial Planning. He has also worked in exchange-listed and OTC derivatives broking roles. While fantastic for perspective on overall markets, maintaining an edge in the competitive trading world requires ever-evolving specialised skills.