Technical Confluences Detector

What is the Technical Confluences Detector?

The FXS Technical Confluences Detector is an in-house tool, developed by FXStreet experts, that allows you to identify those price levels where congestion of indicators like moving averages, Fibonacci levels, Pivot Points occurs. Knowing where these congestion points are located is very helpful as it allows the trader to see these areas of support and resistance easily.

This tool is customizable so you can choose the asset selectors and the time frame that are more suitable for your trading operations.

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Gold appears a ‘sell on bounce’ trade amid a Death Cross Premium

Gold appears a ‘sell on bounce’ trade amid a Death Cross

Gold price is trading close to the five-week lows of $1,899 set on Tuesday, as the United States Dollar (USD) bulls take a breather amid a minor correction in the US Treasury bond yields from sixteen-year highs.  

Focus on US Treasury bond yields, data and Fedspeak

Amidst a mixed market sentiment and a stabilizing bond market in Asia, the longer-end US Treasury bond yields stage a pullback from a multi-year peak, prompting the US Dollar to enter a phase of consolidation near 10-month highs against its major competitors. The benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond yields are down 4 basis points (bps) from 16-year highs of 4.5660%, at the time of writing. This, in turn, is helping Gold price find a floor early Wednesday.

The US bond market faced headwinds at the start of the week, in anticipation of a hefty pipeline of US treasury auctions this week and fears of a US  government shutdown.

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What are the Technical Confluences Detector?



This tool assigns a certain "weight" to each indicator according to its class and time range. This "weight" is propagated to adjacent price levels – even if those levels do not contain any indicator – to highlight the influence of the force of attraction generated by the presence of important indicators such as a simple moving average or a Pivot Point level in a daily range. The algorithm's logical structure intensifies the signal's strength in those areas where several indicators converge – so-called technical confluence zones.


The tool detects and draws the price levels where indicators are placed, highlighting those levels where several indicators converge simultaneously. The length of each bar indicates the intensity of the resistance or support levels generated by the technical indicators. We have also implemented a color gradient to intensify the bars' tonality where the Technical Confluences Detector finds more resistance to price advance. The white lines represent areas where no technical indicator is detected and where the price can move with ease.


You can see which indicators are within each price level by placing the cursor over the bar price level. The explanation uses a code that indicates:


With the FXS Technical Confluences Detector tool, you can quickly locate the areas where the price can find a support or resistance zone and make trading decisions. If you are a short-term trader, you will find entry points for counter-trend strategies and hunt a few points at a time. If you are a medium-to-long-term trader, this tool will allow you to know in advance the price levels where a medium-to-long-term trend may stop and rest, where to unwind positions, or where to increase your position size.

Key Technical Levels Key Technical Levels