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Jose Blasco


Skill Building: Constructing your Trading Success

Let’s begin at the beginning… SK represents specialized knowledge. Specialized knowledge starts with the foundational lessons taught in Core Strategy having to do with order flow which drives price action and creates imbalances in supply and demand. These imbalances are what establish the probability that either buying or selling will lead to profit or loss. The power of the Core Strategy lies in the advantage or edge that it provides to the trader...

Trading Psychology - How to manage your emotions while trading Forex

In this article, we will explore which different emotions Forex Traders feel and the things we can do to effectively manage these feelings and take control of our trading destiny. We will also take a look at what common mistakes traders make due to not thinking clearly and how you can learn to identify these pitfalls and how to avoid them in the future. Out of all living beings, humans are to be considered the most susceptible to...

Trend Lines: The Basics

Trend Lines: The Basics

One of the big things that traders talk about is trends; trends continuing, trends ending, trends changing, primary trend secondary trend, higher time frame trend, lower time-frame trend, the list goes on. With all this talk of trends many new traders can feel a little overwhelmed if they can’t identify...

Pivoting for Profits

Pivoting for Profits

Prior to the time when everyone had easy access to the markets and charts, trading was a relatively exclusive club. To be actively trading or investing you had to have a membership to an exchange or access to someone who did. If you wanted to chart the markets to make a technical decision...

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