rates and charts

Live Rates

"Your trading cockpit"

This first glance through will train your eyes to know the prices of the major pairs, and give you a quick peek at essential trading information.

Real Time Charts

"Your technical compass"

With these, you will be able to dig deeper and find different technical prompts like trendlines and patterns to guide your trading further.

Charts by TradingView Lightweight Charts

Technical Confluences Detector

"Your barrier and magnet levels"

You are almost set: define your trade levels with precision using the FX Street Technical Confluence Detector™. Use it as a complement or by itself, this indicator is amazing!




Technical Levels


"Technical Levels Table"

This table will resume the most important trading levels for each product/currency group, using all the classical indicators.


"FXS’s Experts Outlook"

31 of the best experts in the industry give their best to add confidence to your trades, or to get you to double-check before you enter a position. Be sure to check it out!