Brexit or how to deliver the undeliverable

Brexit: PM May is doomed, but the Pound might be safe for now

The UK has inflation steady just below 2.0%, solid wages' growth, upbeat retail sales, and a not-that-dovish BoE, yet at the end of the day, nothing really matters. Brexit dominated trading, with the Pound moving sharply on each and every political headline that comes out from London or Brussels. Our chief analysts Yohay Elam and Valeria Bednarik discuss the scenarios, with the most likely scenarios for the main actors and more importantly, the Pound and other currencies.

GBP/USD Forecast: 3 scenarios for the ultimate Brexit end-game

GBP/USD is trading back below 1.3200 as the Brexit uncertainty continues. On Wednesday, UK PM Theresa May officially asked for an extension to Article 50, to June 30th. She opted for a short delay of Brexit that would more time for Parliament to pass the Brexit deal. In a defiant speech to the nation, May blamed MPs for not doing their duty and approving Brexit.

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Irish PM Varadkar: There won't be further extensions for the UK

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Week Ahead: Brexit delayed, growth concerns raised

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Week Ahead: Brexit delayed, growth concerns raised

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