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As the global equity markets crash the world is increasingly being brought to its knees. Companies who were just about getting by now faces imminent disaster as consumer behaviour changes quickly. Over here in the UK, I had to travel to London on Tuesday for a CNBC interview. The train station, Birmingham New Street, is usually full of commuters. It was notably down. The train itself had only one other person in my carriage. The commuters were spread out in the next carriage.

EU draft of post-Brexit deal: Parties recognise level playing field provisions are necessary

In its draft of the post-Brexit deal with Britain, the European Union says that parties recognise that level playing field provisions are necessary, per Reuters. Key takeaways: "In case of risk of unfair trade distortion, the EU can slap interim protective measures in 15 days at the earliest after notifying the UK." "Neither the EU nor the UK should reduce environmental protections, the UK will implement a carbon pricing system as least as good as the EU one."

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UK’s Eustice: We can't keep people on furlough scheme indefinitely

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UK uses feudal system law to seize £150 million from bank accounts

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UK uses feudal system law to seize £150 million from bank accounts

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