Sometimes a lot of good projects go under because of the lack of marketing & PR and the bad ones strive. It’s important to split the good ones from the bad ones and invest smartly.


Let us save you some time and provide you with a list of a few of the new, trending coins on the market. For example, there’s a disruptor within the crypto trade platforms market -  D2T, so check it out.  Then we’ve got a P2E hot stuff, RIA. Also, if you’re into green investments, you should definitely try  IMPT. We’ve even got one that has successfully completed its presale phase and it is heading towards its ICO, and it is called - TAMADOGE! 

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These coins are super trendy


Dash 2 Trade is a world class crypto analytics and social trading platform that makes it easier for investors to make informed decisions. >

Dash 2 Trade is launching the taxless D2T token to support an informed trading analytics platform providing crypto traders with in-depth market insights to help create market-beating strategies. The Dash 2 Trade platform allows users to access signals, metrics and social trading tools for every type of trader. With the actionable insights powered by the D2T ecosystem, a trader can identify and analyze underlying factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies.


The Dash 2 Trade analytics dashboard operates on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The native digital asset of the project is the D2T token, which complies with the ERC-20 standard. D2T is a utility token that offers its holders a full range of benefits, such as access to the Dash 2 Trade terminal and all of the features previously discussed. The total supply of D2T is 1 billion tokens.

They’ve raised $1,000,000 in First 3 Days of Presal, so hurry up and invest early!

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2. (IMPT) connects users with hundreds of impactful environmental projects around the world with the purpose to reduce carbon emissions and help our planet. also engages thousands of the largest retail brands that allocate a specific percentage of sale margin for environmental projects. 

This token relies on blockchain technology — the immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. It is an efficient solution that can solve the current carbon offset challenges.

We haven’t seen anything like this and we strongly recommend considering this crypto as an investment opportunity.


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3. Calvaria (RIA) 

Calvaria is a project centered around speeding up the mass adoption of crypto through a play-to-earn battle card game. The project's mission is to create the first effective ambassador between the "real world" and crypto, achieved by creating a fun and accessible game, available on both mobile app stores and PC's.


The game is designed in such a way that each player can truly own the in-game resources. They can earn these either through playing or investing in the game's ecosystem. All of this is made possible by blockchain technology, which gives players true digital ownership.

The total maximum fixed supply of the $RIA token is 1,000,000,000 units. Below is a summary of the proposed distribution.


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4. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is the first meme coin with different features like metaverse, NFT store, and P2E crypto game setup with absolute utility. As expected, it has stirred up the crypto space, since many analysts expect it to become the next Dogecoin.

Based on the project’s whitepaper, there is a fixed supply of 2 billion TAMA tokens. It has a 5% burn rate which means that it is a deflationary token. Since deflation increases scarcity, it is anticipated that the token’s value will explode as time goes on.


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5. Aptos (APT)

The new token, which was labeled the ‘solana killer’, was trading earlier on 28 October at $8.30, according to CoinGecko. 


Aptos has received backing from a series of notable investors within the crypto space – it closed a $200m (£178m) funding round back in March led by a16z, with participation from Tiger Global, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs and PayPal Ventures.

No matter the current price corrections, this is a pretty hot coin to buy

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6. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency currently worth about $0.40 per coin, down from an all-time high of $3.10 last summer. The coin has a market cap of roughly $18.8 billion as of August 2022. Despite the steep decline in value, similar to most cryptocurrencies of late, innovations on the platform could result in growth.


Cardano Alonzo’s long-awaited upgrade has finally launched. It brings smart contracts to their blockchain, allowing developers to build decentralized apps (Dapps) and enter the world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFTs.

Wallet Investors view ADA as a solid short-term and long-term investment. They predicted that Cardano could reach USD3.10 within a year and USD10.46 after five years. 

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7. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake (PoS) system involves users of the network locking up their coins to become network contributors, as opposed to using expensive, energy-intensive mining equipment. 

With PoS and sharding both enabled, Ethereum developers expect that they will make further tweaks to enhance the security of the network. That includes adding anonymity features to conceal validator identities behind block proposals. 

After the huge fall, ETH started going rapidly up with the current price of circa $1,500 and we expect it to go up until the end of the year.


The merge changed how transactions on ethereum are ordered, making it more efficient and sustainable for widespread use. Experts anticipate that the merge will have lasting impact; we’ll have to see whether it causes prices to soar or continue to tank over the coming months.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. We’ve mentioned a few of the super trendy coins and gave you a brief overview of each of them. With that said, please do your own research and then invest in the company or a project that you believe in. There’s a few of them that look and sound very promising and can give you a quick ROI where there’s some of them that still need time - and, as you know, all the great things require time to come to fruition.

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