Mostly Neutral Signals for EUR/USD [Video]

It's a new trading week, and time for the Dukascopy Trading Signals. Euro/Dollar's hourly signals are mixed, but both the mid and long term models are mostly neutral. Interbank sentiment is strongly bullish at nearly 43 percent short. The Cable has 5 neutral signals in both the 1 and 4-hour charts. 4 studies point up in the daily range. Interbank stance is neutral, matching the 1 and 4-hour signals. Dollar/Yen has 6 sell signals in the hourly chart. The mid-term models are mostly neutral and there's a mixed picture in the daily range. The more than 25 percent short interbank is in line with the hourly models. Pound/Yen has 4 red prompts in the short term chart. The mid and long term signals are mostly neutral. Interbank stance is pointing lower, just like the short term technical signals. Euro/Yen's hourly range brings mixed signals. 4 models are pointing lower in the 4-hour scale and there are 4 neutrals in the long term chart. Interbank sentiment is bearish at 22 percent short, confirming the 4-hour signals.


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