EURUSD Forecast for September 27

Good morning, hope all is well! Thursday’s forecast had a bit of a turmoil, looks like only USDCAD, AUDUSD and EURJPY behaved close to what was thought possible. The US Dollar did not weaken as we had thought but gained some strength, while Japanese Yen did weaken slightly as we had thought. Today we could be looking at a strong US Dollar while Japanese Yen is a bit hard to read. Adding a hedged pair to offset the trading risk. Happy trading everyone!!

Forecasts Outlook

US Dollar: Strong

Today we're expecting the EURUSD to proceed Short below the barrier levels of 1.35105 and 1.34809.

Fundamental Watch

- ECB President Draghi Speaks

- Tentative EUR

- Italian 10-y Bond Auction

- FOMC Member Evans Speaks