Brad Alexander

Brad Alexander

CEO FX Large Limited

Brad became fascinated with the Currency Markets from a young age and researched fundamental analysis.  Years later he discovered the wonders of technical analysis and now uses both, day to day, as a professional trader and for "Creating Compelling Content for Capital Markets" as CEO of FX Large.  He is also a director at Sun Hill Services LP, providing strategic consulting, to the partners and clients, in liquidity, licensing, and marketing.

As a content creator, educator, and professional trader, Brad's clients consist of FX and CFD brokers, hedge funds, fintech companies, and private students.

Clients of Sun Hill Services consist of Investment Banks, Brokers, and Payment Providers.

He graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) in Toronto and started a career in Corporate and Themed Entertainment Presentation Systems working all over the world and participating in 6 World Exhibitions, in the areas of sales, marketing, and project management.

Using this experience and these skills, Brad spent many years in Interim Management working with Start-ups and established companies. At the same time, benefitting from swings in currencies, mainly the GBP and the Spanish Peseta (yes. a while ago), he began a fascinating journey into the Foreign Exchange Trading world as a retail trader, professional trader, analyst, and professional in Sales, Marketing, and Consulting.