Forex Technical Analysis and Forecast: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/RUB, USD/CAD, Gold, Brent, BTC/USD

EUR/USD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

EUR/USD continues forming another ascending structure with the predicted target at 1.0944. Seeing a continuation pattern close to 1.0888. One shouldn’t exclude the possibility of further growth to reach 1.0996. Later, the market may correct to return to 1.0888 and then start one more ascending structure with the target at 1.1033.



GBP/USD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

After breaking 1.1710 and reaching 1.1966, GBPUSD has returned to the former level; right now, it is forming another ascending impulse with the target at 1.2146. After that, the instrument may correct to the downside to reach 1.1844.



USD/CHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

USD/CHF is falling to reach 0.9686. Later, the market may correct towards 0.9777 and then resume trading downwards with the target at 0.9650.



USD/JPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

USD/JPY has finished the descending structure at 110.50. Today, the pair may grow towards 111.14 and then fall to break 110.10. After that, the instrument may continue trading downwards with the target at 109.50. However, if the price breaks 111.15 to the upside, the market may form one more ascending structure towards 111.99.



AUD/USD, “Australian Dollar vs US Dollar”

AUD/USD continues forming the fifth ascending wave towards 0.6136. After that, the instrument may correct to the downside with the target at 0.5822 and then resume trading upwards to reach 0.6060.



USD/RUB, “US Dollar vs Russian Ruble”

USD/RUB is still consolidating around 78.00. Possibly, the pair may resume trading downwards with the target at 76.00 and then start a new correction towards 78.00.



USD/CAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

USD/CAD is still falling towards 1.4167. Later, the market may grow to reach 1.4300 and then continue the descending wave with the target at 1.4040.



XAU/USD, “Gold vs US Dollar”

Gold is consolidating above 1596.00. If later the price breaks this range to the downside, the market may start another correction towards 1566.00; if 1620.00 to the upside – resume trading upwards with the target at 1651.00.




Brent falling. Possibly, today the pair may reach 26.55 and then form one more ascending structure to break 27.95. Later, the market may continue trading upwards with the short-term target at 30.33.



BTC/USD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

BTC/USD is still consolidating around 6600.00. The main scenario implies that the instrument may resume growing to reach 7500.00 and then correct towards 5700.00.


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