Gregor Horvat

Gregor Horvat

Chief Technical Strategist EW-Forecast

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Best Buy-Side Analysis Contributor

Grega is based in Slovenia and has been involved in markets since 2003. He is the owner of, but before that, he was working for Capital Forex Group and His feature articles have been published on,, Action Forex, Forex TV, Istockanalyst, ForexFactory,,, etc. He recently won the award on for Best Forex Analysis in 2016. At he helps clients and educates them about the Elliott Wave principle and how to label and track unfolding patterns in real time. His approach to the markets is mainly technical. He uses a lot of different methods when analysing the markets such as candlestick patterns, MA, technical indicators, etc. His speciality however is Elliott Wave Theory which could be very helpful especially if you know how to use it in combination with other tools/indicators.

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