Dear Fellow Star-gazers,

Happy Full Flower Moon, Third and Last Super-Moon of the year!

Just as the scientific evidence as to how best to ease the lock-down is contradictory, so too are market forecasts. Some people speculate that we are now in a bull market, whilst others are preparing for financial Armageddon. There is a suggestion that markets hit ‘rock bottom’ on March 23rd – (when Mars was both conjunct and in exact parallel with Pluto and as Saturn moved geocentrically into Aquarius) and that the only way forward now is ‘up’. Some feel that the March low will not be breached this year. These aspects won’t repeat together - though an echo could be heard on November 10th. Before then we must navigate a series of major cosmic events next week.

My friend and colleague, Marie Schoeppel in her excellent book, ‘The Dragon’s Debt’, drew attention to mid-May 2020 and decisions taken in China that would have world-wide financial implication. We must watch and wait but yes, perhaps not be surprised by developments emanating from that part of the world.

For the moment, let’s focus on finances and take as our ‘long-term’, the period between now and end of 2021 – an eighteen month period covering the right angle (or last quarter phase) aspect between Saturn and Uranus. Analysis of this cycle reveals that markets fall when these two planets are in hard aspect (1965-7, 1975-7, 1987-8, 1999-2000 and 2008-20) This factor alone suggests that 2021 will be a difficult year.  The implications from this are that we should expect further sharp falls.

Yet throughout this same period, the lunar north node moves through Gemini. We have 120 years of data from the Dow Jones Index (DJI): representing 6 complete nodal cycles. These reveal that the DJI does best when the node moves through Capricorn and ‘second best’ when it moves through Gemini (June 5th 2020 – December 2021). The North Node through Gemini would come in 4th place with the S&P index. This transit alone would suggest growth.

So there are conflicting themes at work and how you might be affected will depend on many factors – not least your own chart! It perhaps doesn’t matter too much if markets have the occasional bad day or month if you feel confident that there will be recovery before you need to access your investment. The strain to the nervous system for those monitoring daily movement could be considerable however. If you fall into this category, you might consider giving yourself a month off from market-watching as of this week – and perhaps through to end June. We might all be in for a very bumpy ride.

Consider the following: the DJI does second-least well when Mercury moves through Gemini (In 2020, May 11th to 29th) (performance is poorest with Mercury in Libra). That same index tends to turn down at Saturn’s retrograde station (May 11th). Though the index usually gains as Venus moves through Gemini (where it is now), on the last few occasions its retrograde station (13th) in this sign has coincided with decline. BUT, Mars enters Pisces on 13th – a sign in which this index tends to rise. And – not quite last – Jupiter stations retrograde on Friday 15th – again likely to signal a downturn. What do we make of all this – including the ‘crash cycle’ aspect of Mars contra-parallel Uranus (11th)? Nor should we ignore the ‘cosmic gear-change’ brought about by the lunar node moving from Cancer into Gemini.

Confused? Traders likely will be. Responding to these conflicting vibrations should – at the very least – lead to volatility. But if we take into account the fact that Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune will all be moving through Mutable signs, perhaps we can gain understanding: Mars joins Neptune in Pisces – a sign associated with oil, pharmaceutical, drinks, media and advertising: areas that are already struggling. Though these stocks might seem cheap to buy, if they are part of your present portfolio you might reasonably be anxious. These prices could fall further if there is extended lockdown or if there is deepening concern that there will be a second Covid 19 wave or – as seems likely – news from China rocks the financial world.

Whilst I certainly don’t get everything ‘right’, my thinking is that the week beginning May 11th will be turbulent to say the least – closing the week to the downside.



If one of the cosmic signals for Covid 19 is Neptune’s contra parallel with Chiron, then that aspect returns on October 1st and again in February 2021. A second wave is entirely possible and would surely have negative effect on markets. The February date coincides with the aforementioned Saturn-Uranus phase.

Medium term strategy might be to invest small amounts monthly – and in sectors likely to gain. Obviously this will include cloud technology and strategic health care equipment. Whereas once these were imported cheaply from China, the accent will surely turn to making these locally. These businesses could thrive. Nor should we ignore those companies focused on the prevention of fraud which has apparently thrived during the lockdown. I am also interested in companies supporting (providing support) to burgeoning block chain developments or robotic enterprises.

Short term i.e. within this next month, the key dates for volatility must surely include the entire week beginning May 11th, then Friday May 22nd and Wednesday May 27th.



You may remember that I thought the price of gold would rise in the last few days of April. I hoped that this would not be dissimilar to its rise in February. Whilst there was no repeat, I remain confident that gold has still some way to rise.



You might also remember that I thought that the US November elections might not take place. I am reliably informed that their deferment or cancellation is not possible under the Constitution yet am still doubtful that this can go ahead as planned. Looking ahead, the chart at the inauguration on January 20, 2021 looks difficult with a void of course Moon amongst other things weakening the presidency. As always we shall see. We are living through unprecedented times. What we do know is that a new business cycle begins at the December solstice and will bring with it an unfamiliar energy to those presently in power.



Quite unbelievably – miraculously really – my husband is well on the mend. The wheelchair is abandoned, drugs limited and this morning, he went upstairs unaided! I can only put this down to the enormous support we have had. Thank you to all. Your good wishes made a huge difference during those dark and difficult days of intensive care.

Now that my role as carer is reduced, I am also back at work and researching investment opportunities – more on that next time.

Until then,

Wishing you and yours good health, peace and happiness

Yours from the stars


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