Most vital to EUR/USD is 1.1485, 1.1721, and 1.1951. For AUD/USD 0.7312, 0.7441 and 0.8108. AUD performed well over the last week due to a wide trade range. Longs and shorts became available while EUR became stuck.

USD/CAD is contained from 1.2209, 1.2461, and 1.3058. NZD/USD is the worst in the lineup by 0.6847, 0.7081, 0.7253. USD/CAD is the last currency to rely on the market. It is a market document. Bloomberg, Thomson, and others report Canada's Corra rate. A waste of money as more information is required for CAD and CAD/EM day trades.

GBP/USD 1.3840 remains the price to beat topside. Failure to break above then this price will slowly travel lower. Below is located at 1.3777 and 1.3082. GBP/USD breaks 1.3840 would also see EUR/USD break 1.1721 and NZD 0.7200's. but not likely anytime soon.

The concept to central banks is to take 24-hour trades to the next level to expand to 30 ish hours and 2 trades. Completed as usual without the faulty charts. A lifetime of work remains yet to complete. If Forward traders require ECB prices then why not eliminate the ECB and factor Forward trades instead.

EUR/USD 5 numbers today 1.1544, 1.1563, 1.1576, 1.1632 and 1.1661.

GBP/USD 1.3694, 1.3717, 1.3732, 1.3799 and 1.3834. GBP/USD 1.3840 won't break on this day.

USD/CAD 1.2318, 1.2338, 1.2353, 1.2412 and 1.2444.

EUR/USD at 10:am is expected 1.1645 and 1.1609. EUR/JPY 132.39 and 132.03. What changed under central bank control.

ECB results

As reported by the ECB for 15 currency pairs, forecast 24 hours in advance. EUR pairs were slightly off however remaining pairs were near perfect. 3 currencies were perfect. EUR/USD price Friday was off by 1 pip. The mystery to the currency price is central bank control as they contain the ability to perform any function necessary.

GBP/USD 1.3754 was actually 1.3751. GBP/JPY was only off 9 pips and not bad for the monster.

To know the price is to know the next trade, 24 hours in advance.

Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00. Actual 15168.55 to 15070.75.

EUR/USD 1.1629 -1.1647. Actual 1.1603, off 26 pips.

EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13. Actual 131.88, off 25.

GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003. Actual 1.7003. Perfect.

USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61. Actual 113.66, off 5 pips.

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338. Actual 1.2365, off 7 pips.

GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209. Actual 1.9240, off 31 pips from lows.

AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467. Actual 0.7483, off 13 pips from highs.

USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158. Actual 0.9192, off 16.

GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38. Actual 156.29, off 9 pips.

GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394. Actual 1.8375, off 19.

EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431. Actual 0.8438, off 7.

CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409. Actual 0.7434. Off 2. Perfect.

EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523. Actual 1.5505. Off 18.

GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754. Actual 1.3751, Perfect.

CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84. Actual 91.92, off 8 pips.

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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Latest Forex Analysis

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