Sub-prime car loans can precipitate a global financial crisis

Dear Fellow Star-gazers,


Happy Full Moon  – a lunar eclipse heralding the Great American Eclipse on August 21st.


My preference is to view any eclipse as a cosmic punctuation mark. A solar eclipse or ‘sophisticated’ New Moon (of which there are at least two in any year) marks a fresh chapter. In this instance, alignment with the Royal Star, Regulus, suggests global attention on a world leader. And yes, that could be President Trump.


However, it could be that his affairs are actually ‘eclipsed’ and that he will have cause to be grateful for the distraction. The period from August 21st to the next Full Moon on September 6thcould prove highly eventful.  Astrologers of old would certainly have wondered if this eclipse would coincide with a change in leadership. Many countries may be hoping that it’s their leadership that will be affected!


With both the September and December New Moons highlighting the Galactic Centre, it does seem likely that world order is changing and that between now and the next Full Moon, there will be singular development.




First though: markets have been buoyant for many months– almost irrationally so. History shows that present day outer-planet alignments have, in the past, coincided with market highs. Until, in particular, Saturn, Uranus and the lunar node break formation in September, markets are likely to stay high. Looking back to the last year in which there was a Leo eclipse (1999), we find that the Dow Jones broke previous records - as has been the case again in 2017.


Yet the cosmic weather will change and many will surely experience sharp financial shocks = perhaps as early as the next Full Moon. Then, once Saturn arrives in Capricorn (December 20th), the financial brakes are set to apply big-time. Borrowing rates (assuming firms can meet new regulations) will be high.


For now, and though it seems that this Monday’s lunar eclipse will pass unnoticed by the markets, we should anticipate new highs to be reached before the end of August as Jupiter and Saturn move to the final sextile of their present cycle.


Only a few days later, on September 5th, Mercury stations – often signalling a change of direction. The Full Moon on 6th aligns with Neptune and comes within hours of Mars’ arrival in geocentric Virgo. Amongst other things, I expect sharp moves in sterling which, in the past, has ‘over-reacted’ to this ingress. (more on this in the next newsletter).


Astronomers this week announced that they had detected a major storm on Neptune: previously thought to be a quiet world. To astrologers, Neptune is associated with balloons. At least one debt bubble might now be primed to burst and yes, since Mercury (cars and communications) is part of this planetary picture, it could be sub-prime car loans that precipitate a global financial crisis.




As you know, for many years I have been an advocate of holding precious metals as part of an investment portfolio. Whilst neither gold nor silver have delivered the kind of returns offered by equities in recent times, their time is surely coming. I anticipate strong moves before the end of the year. Buying opportunities could abound in the coming weeks.


I can’t help but wonder what central banks have planned for the very end of 2017. Might there be a return to a gold standard? It does seem likely that there will be a shift in banking practices soon after the December solstice. Pluto is then edging ever closer to the opposition to Mars in the chart for the Federal Reserve Bank. With Saturn simultaneously conjoining its Sun, it seems likely that it will take strong action. Pressure on its executive is likely to be great as it fights – perhaps – for its very survival.


The December New Moon aligns with the Galactic Centre: arguably signalling a new world order. Whilst for the moment it seems unlikely that governments could agree on anything, it is entirely possible that President Trump could make a case for a new approach: one that he might even force into being.




It can be shown that eclipses have coincided with natural disaster. Following the last solar eclipse in Leo in 1999, there were earthquakes in Athens, Greece, Jiji, Taiwan and Duzce in Turkey. Though these did not occur on the exact date of the solar eclipse, there were significant links between the dates of each and the August 11th event. It is to be hoped that there will be no repeat in 2017 but possible that the period Sept 6th – 20th will see significant earth movement. Monday September 18th when there are occultation of Mercury, Venus and Mars may be particularly significant.




Eclipses are linked to the cycles of the lunar nodes. A complete cycle has occurred since I last taught for the Faculty of Astrological Studies at their Oxford Summer School. Sadly, Rob Hand is unable to be there this year. I am honoured to have been asked to take his place. Though I am speaking on eclipses on August 21st (the actual eclipse), this talk is very different to the one planned for the United Astrology Congress (UAC) in Chicago in May 2018.


Priority attention is also being given to the Draconic Astrology newsletter. Final touches are being given to the accompanying website. The aim is to have both available before the end of August.




Two are planned for September: a financial forecast on Saturday September 15th and a Draconic class on Sunday September 16th. If you are interested in either (and space is genuinely limited), please reply to this letter or use the contact form on




Many, many thanks to all who helped make both the Montreal and Toronto events so memorable. Both were hugely successful. Dates for 2018 are almost confirmed (Montreal July 15th and Toronto 17th – 22nd). It was lovely to meet up with old friends and make new ones. My Montreal family mystery remains unsolved – as yet. The trail though is not cold!


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Wishing you an enjoyable few weeks of star and sun watching


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