Why Can't I Make Money [Video]


“I got a mentor, did my homework, understand the fundamentals, and backtesting my technicals, but why am I still losing money? Is trading just a scam?”

I cried and burst out to my girlfriend years ago when I blew up my account, again. It was not only about the financial loss, but it was frustrated because nothing seems to work and the market certainly did not reward my handworks. I felt unfair, I felt being cheated, and I felt angry, very very angry.

Fast forward, I still lose money every day (like today) and every trade, as I always love to tell beginners, “learn to love your losses because it’s part of the game.” It’s true, no matter how good your winning rate is, you will always have losses. You might have 95% of winning percentage in your backtesting, but that still means you will have 5% of losing trades and you never know when that 5% of losses will appear. Most importantly, you never knew how much trades you will have in your lifetime. 5% of 100,000 trades is still 5000 losing trades. Some people just couldn’t take it.

Yes, that is it. Some people simply cannot deal with the losses or setbacks in life. Trading is all about the execution, and the execution is all about your emotions. Sure, you need to have a good analysis, a good strategy and an approach to your trade, but when you execute the trade and start managing them, that is an emotional game.

Trading psychology is perhaps the most ignored area in all trading courses because it’s tough to teach as trading psychology is just a self-discovering journey for every trader to experience. Everyone loves to talk about the strategies, the winning rates, the forecast, and predictions, but what separates traders from success to failures is the execution. No matter how good your plan is, someone has to pull the trigger.

The sooner you spend the time to work on your trading psychology, the better off you will be in this game. And no, EA will not help you because you will let it run when it makes money, but you will turn it off when it started losing - even though you shouldn’t. However, your emotions get in of your way, and you just couldn’t trust the EA anymore. I know because I’ve been there myself.

Finally, be completely honest about your losses as you would toward you wins. Have a trading journal, and enjoy this journey of becoming a great trader. Take a look at today’s video to learn more.

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