If you are wondering what exactly Uniswap is and what you, as a user,  can get from using it, it is enough to say that this is one of the most popular protocols for decentralized trade. Uniswap is powered by a constant product formula, and at the same time, this protocol is implemented in a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The main goals of Uniswap are concentrated in the way to give their users decentralization, censorship resistance, and a high level of security. 

But, to be honest, the situation in the crypto market is currently such that there are much better crypto options that show more realistic chances for long-term success. And those options are Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, Impt.io, Calvaria, Meta Masters Guild,  and, of course Tamadoge. But let's go back to Uniswap for a moment.

Since September 2020, Uniswap has offered its users another important thing, which is the UNI coin. UNI coin is a native token of Uniswap. After the UNI token was launched, former Uniswap users were among the first to use it. The creators of Uniswap say that this platform is much more than just a decentralized exchange, and one of the main ideas of Uniswap is to solve liquidity problems.

Now the question arises, is it wise to invest in UNI? You can make that decision very easily if you just take a look at the long-term Uniswap Price Prediction. Well, let's see how things stand.

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Uniswap price prediction

Whenever you think about investing in a certain coin, what stands out as the most important thing in making that decision is the current price of the token, but also an estimate of how the value of that token will move in the future.

2022 $10,13 $10,57 $11,43
2023 $14,69 $15,22 $17,64
2024 $21,08 $21,69 $25,69
2025 $30,73 $31,82 $36,75


Looking at this table, you can see for yourself that the highest predicted value of the UNI coin by the end of 2022 is $11.43, and by 2030 that maximum value is predicted to reach $243.25. Yes, this really sounds fantastic. But how realistic is this scenario?

If you follow the development of the crypto market, you surely know that many factors can influence this scenario not happen.

Therefore, when thinking about investing in a certain coin, it is still much wiser to look at the big picture and look for a coin that shows more realistic chances of success. One of them is RobotEra’s TARO coin. 

UNI or D2T, what is a better investment?

Looking at both the short and long term, it is certainly better to invest in D2T than UNI, because both the D2T coin and the Dash 2 Trade platform will bring you many benefits. As a user of this platform, you will have insight into all the information you need to make wise and correct crypto-related decisions. All analytics, price predictions, etc, you can find all that on Dash 2 Trade. So take advantage of the opportunity and invest in the D2T coin while it is on presale and its price is favorable.

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UNI or TARO, what is a better investment?


As things stand, at the moment there is a much greater interest of users to invest in TARO, the native coin of the RobotEra platform, than in the UNI coin. When you look at the very concept of the RobotEra multiverse, it's clear why that is.

RobotEra is something that has not been seen before in the crypto world. This platform offers users the opportunity to create a world of their imagination, to spend their free time in it, and most importantly, to make a phenomenal profit in this fun way. 

But, to get a chance for that at all, you have to invest in the TARO coin, which is now on presale. The price of one TARO coin is only 0.020 USDT during this stage of the presale, so hurry up and take advantage of this great price!

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UNI or RIA, what is a better investment?

If you follow what is happening in the crypto world, then you can see for yourself that the success that Calvaria's RIA coin has achieved since the first day of its existence is amazing. Calvaria's presale moves from stage to stage at high speed, and now the fourth stage is nearing its end. Fortunately, the price of RIA coins is still relatively favorable. For 1 USDT you can now get 40 RIA coins, but already in the fifth stage, for the same amount, you will get 33.33. Crypto analysts, precisely because of such a great success of the presale, predict an exceptional success for the RIA coin in the future, a much greater success than is predicted for the UNI coin.

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UNI or IMPT, what is a better investment?

"Green crypto of the future", i.e. IMPT is certainly a better choice for investment than UNI, a cryptocurrency that does not have a positive outlook for the future. IMPT is already achieving incredibly good results during its presale and considering its performance, that success will be even greater in the coming period. The current price of one IMPT coin is $0.023, so now is the ideal time to invest in it. In the next stage of the presale, the price will be more expensive, and after the presale ends, and IMPT gets listed on exchanges, a serious increase in value is expected. Take advantage of the opportunity now, and profit from that investment. 

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UNI or TAMA, what is a better investment?

If you're still not familiar with Tamadoge Universe, which is quite impossible, we'll just say that it's the world's first meme coin project that features a metaverse, play-to-earn games, and a built-in NFT store. In the short time it has been on the market, TAMA raised over $19 000 000 during its presale, which is an incredible success. 

TAMA is proving to be a fantastic investment as it gains in value every day. This is mainly due to constant new listings on new crypto exchanges such as OKX, OKX DEX, LBank, and even Gate.io. And in part, the appearance of the Tamadoge NFT Collection, which is available on OpenSea, is responsible for that success. Because of all this, TAMA is a better choice than UNI.

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The fact is that currently, the crypto world offers much better investment choices than UNI coin does. So, instead of investing in UNI, which shows very poor chances for future success, it is better to divert your funds to coins such as TARO, TAMA, D2T, RIA, or IMPT. These coins will surely bring you profit in the next period.

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