The internet as we know it is flawed deeply. It is almost like every service that is native to the internet has some operational flaw or the other. And, in many ways, these flaws tend to affect customers eventually.

One of the biggest problems so far has been the issue of confidentiality. Almost every day, you hear stories of one hack or the other or some security breach that has left the information of millions in the hands of unscrupulous people. With the rise of hacks and security itself being so difficult to achieve, it is worth understanding the dynamics of line confidentiality and what it could solve for many digital platforms.

Understanding internet confidentiality

At its core, the principle of information confidentiality revolves around being able to restrict access to certain types of data. Users are responsible for ensuring that they can maintain proper access control systems - from physical restrictions to logical ones. This is why it is critical for you to understand how to protect yourself when you’re on the internet.

At the same time, confidentiality is also a necessity for online platforms. It’s one thing for your customers to protect themselves and use strong passwords as well as other techniques. But, it is another thing entirely for you to also keep them safe and ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to their data.

Below, we’ll look at confidentiality improvement channels for platform developers as well as people who actually use the internet.

Promoting confidentiality on the platforms’ side

Building a service online is one of the most sensitive things. You need to find a way to build something that everyone wants and which will serve them. Right now, the market is heavily focused on security. So, you need to work on that as well.

All measures above can be implemented to your platform to ensure that your users’ data is always protected. However, another point of focus for many platforms is to work towards decentralization.

Essentially, decentralization is the concept of taking data and spreading it across a network of computers or devices. Decentralization is one of the building blocks of Web3, which many believe to be the next evolution of the internet. Today, several platforms focus on providing proper data storage and security solutions for the growing Web3 trend.

An interesting application is with the Super Protocol - a Web3 platform that combines blockchain with confidentiality computing technology to offer a decentralized cloud computing platform. Super protocol offers a web3 alternative to some of the traditional cloud computing services we have around us today, and it focuses primarily on effective collaboration and security.

The Super Protocol is especially great because it handles different types of workloads. Regardless of what you’re trying to build, the platform works for you. And, with a focus on collaboration, it ensures that everyone is able to contribute to your project in a secure and resilient environment.

Platforms like these have a critical role to play in building the present - and future - of the web. Services need to focus on confidentiality, and this need will only get more prominent as the internet evolves.

Promoting confidentiality on the users’ side

Data Masking

When you sign up for most services, you’re immediately asked to share critical information - it could be personal data, payment details, or something else. While you can share these details, nothing particularly stops you from disguising your actual details as a safety measure.

There are different browser extensions and online tools that give you the freedom and ability to create aliases for your information. From creating alternate email addresses to completely masking your credit card data, these software options ensure that no one online gets to see your information.

Masking is definitely not a novelty in the tech pace. However, with the landscape currently changing, it is important for users to ensure that they have the right tools that can protect them.

Private browsing

Every web browser you use stores information about your time there - including the documents you download, the pages you visit, and other critical information. All of these details are stored in a temporary cache memory that allows the browser to anticipate your moves and make for a better online experience. To be fair, it’s a pretty elegant implementation.

But, the issue here is that the information is now available to everyone else. Whoever uses your computer will be able to see where you visit and the files you download. Fortunately, most top browser options now feature private browsing apparatus that prevent the browsers from storing your information.

The entire point of private browsing is to avoid the browser storing details about your history. It doesn’t have an effect on the data that is transmitted on the internet, but it still goes a long way in protecting you and your information.


Encryption is one critical security component that you shouldn’t toy with today. It can go a long way in helping you to become more secure, blocking unwanted access to your messages from any would-be hackers.

Thanks to encryption tools, you can effectively keep any prying eyes away from your messages, email, and other content that you send to other people. The tools don’t prevent unwanted access from law enforcement, but the fact that they shield you from prospective hackers or threats should be good enough for you to give them a try. Encryption tools even protect things like your location and other information that can be as sensitive as the message you’re sending itself.

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