US CPI Release Bumps Spreads [Video]

Keep your broker on a short leash by watching Dukascopy Spike Controller. I'm Kiays Khalil with the benchmark interbank price stats. Spreads have averaged at less than point 3 pips in all three time scales for the Euro/Dollar. Maximum separation has been 1.6 pips. The pair has declined below the 1.13 level and it moved South by a total of point 73 percent or 83 pips. Spreads have been mostly narrow, peaking at only 1.6 pips yesterday minutes after 2 PM GMT. The Cable's daily average spread is point 84 pips and maximum separation has been 3.8 pips. Pound/Dollar has had a bearish run, moving further South of the 1.30 level as it declined by more than one percent or 146 pips. Spreads were slightly bumpy yesterday at 1:30 PM GMT as the US CPI stats were out, but 3.8 pips is the most you should have been charged. And last up for this overview is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 28 and 1.3 pips respectively. Greenback rose against the Yen to break through the 111 level as the pair appreciated by point 49 percent or 54 pips. Spreads were slightly increased yesterday at 1:30 PM here as well, but the biggest gap was just 1.3 pips.


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