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Crypto correction seen as an advantage

Altcoins offer upside scope

Looking at the altcoin segment, the prospect for a major base in the crypto market in the near future looks to be quite realistic. In this vide we look at the daily charts of SNX, SAND, YFI, CRV, MKR, AAVE, CEL, and COMP before engaging in further short-term analysis for each one of them.

Further setbacks in crypto

Our rendition of arithmetic and logarithmic charts for BTC, ETH, and XRP on this 17-min video, says there is still room for further downside correction and even more bargain prices. But since the dominant trend is up, we need to give the benefit of the doubt to upside continuation, providing you with key decision lines.

BTCUSD: Stay calm and take advantage

Bitcoin is under bad news recently but none of them changes the big macro picture. Some altcoins are still outperforming, a sign that retailers are taking advantage of this drop in BTC. Then we have the change of heart of a major player in the field regards to Bitcoin and adding to the panic, the news that China reiterated that digital tokens cannot be used as a means of payment, a repeat of old news.

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