Sarid Harper

Sarid Harper

Founder Pipnotic

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  • FXStreet Premium webinar speaker.
  • Founded Pipnotic in 2011, price action tools and utilities that focus on currency strength and liquidity.
  • Education and Experience
    Sarid Harper studied Computer Science at the School of Business and Economics in Aarhus, Denmark. He specialised in offensive IT security and had an area of expertise within the field of computer malware and vulnerability analysis, offensive IT security methodologies and practices, as well as secure coding concepts and methodologies. He worked for several security consultancies, including F-Secure Corporation, for almost two decades, performing tasks such as e.g. reverse engineering and security assessments for e.g. tech/pharmaceutical/insurance companies as well as banks. He was introduced to trading via security assessments of lower and mid tier trading components and platforms for some of the biggest banks in the world, and started working with currency trading independently when he founded Pipnotic in 2011, where he develops price action tools and utilities.

    Sarid's expertise is within the field of liquidity distribution patterns and how they present themselves on a price chart, as well as how they are implemented programmatically in trading tools and utilities.

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