NFPs ahead - how a professional trader prepares his scenarios for the NFPs

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In this webinar, professional trader, money manager and trading coach Jens Klatt, will go through the upcoming NFPs, show what to expect and explain how he will likely trade this volatile event. Therefore he'll use JFD’s useful and exclusive MT4+ Add On, the JFD Mini Trading Terminal. He will cover the potential reaction on the FX and equity markets, but also have a look at Gold. 

Jens Klatt is the Global Head of Research and Education at JFD Brokers. He learnt how to trade the markets professionally from scratch at a stock broker, during his period of studies (mathematics and economics) and afterwards build DailyFX in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for FXCM. He also offers a managed account under a licensed umbrella from JFD Brokers, giving traders worldwide the chance to profit from his expertise.