Latest news and outlook for the Crypto Market

  • Binance Coin (38%), Litecoin (30%) and Maker (21.3%).

  • Facebook Buys Blockchain Startup

  • Coinbase Launches PayPal Withdrawal Support for EU Users

  • Abra Launches Stocks and ETF Options

  • Kraken Acquires UK Crypto Futures Exchange

  • Binance Recordsed $446 Million in Profits in 2018

  • Swiss Stock Exchange Aims to Launch Blockchain Platform and STO

  • Neufund to Release Equity Tokens and First Payouts

  • SEC Commissioner Says Bitcoin ETF is Inevitable

  • Philippines Announces New Crypto Regulatory Framework

  • Mauritius to License Crypto Custodians



Digital assets recorded an impressive end of the week with a $10bn injection pumping into the total crypto market, a 9% change from the previous week and a 66% increase in volume. A Bitcoin 10% rally towards the $3,750 level, has spiked from the bottom of the falling wedge pattern, and is currently oscillating around the upper trend line formed at the end of Nov 2018, at $3,650. Ethereum has once again jumped over Ripple to second position in market cap ranking, gaining 19% from $105 to a high of $125. Ripple is up by 8% and Litecoin has gained a massive 44%, which pushes EOS into the fourth place largest crypto asset.


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