Patterns: CAD/JPY, CAD/CHF

CAD/JPY 4H Chart: Maintains channel

The price movement of the CAD/JPY currency pair has been constrained by two ascending channels. The most recent pattern which was formed on May 30 and is currently guiding the rate higher.

After retesting the lower boundary of a junior pattern where the weekly pivot point at 83.85 is located, the exchange rate continues its journey north. This junior ascending pattern has been holding for the second week running.

Given that the currency exchange rate has breached a strong resistance level located near the 84.92 area, the pair is likely to continue gaining strength until it reaches the upper boundary of a dominant channel.



CAD/CHF 4H Chart: Decline continues

The Canadian Dollar movement against the Swiss Franc has been guided by one month descending channel. The currency pair reversed south after hitting the upper boundary of a dominant channel.

This movement could be considered a corrective move down toward the lower boundary of the dominant pattern. Moreover, the 55-hour simple moving average has been directing the pair lover.

Everything being equal, the CAD/CHF currency exchange rate is likely to continue to depreciate until it reaches the southern border of the aforementioned dominant descending channel.


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