October 11th and 17th are dates to watch

Dear fellow Star Gazers,


Happy Harvest Moon! – and, as it happens, also my Solar Return.


But what a horrid start to the Sun’s journey through Libra it has been.


It’s not hard to deduce that the recent Jupiter-Uranus alignment was a contributory factor to the political tensions (Spain) or the outrageous attacks (Marseilles and Las Vegas). Appalling and shocking. It also makes ‘sense’ at a market level, for equities to have reached the expected high given that this particular planetary combination has a ‘look at me’, ‘see how high I can go’ quality to it. The big question now, is ‘what next’?

Amongst other things, the North Korea situation continues to cause alarm. Much as one might hope that Libran diplomacy would win out, the usual signals for peace initiatives are simply not there. Indeed, to the contrary, Pluto’s position at near right angle to this lunation could bring a pivotal moment – though I am as concerned about the New Moon on October 19th. With Uranus in opposition to both Sun and Moon that day, political upheaval and yes, further unfathomable, shocking behaviour will likely shock many.

Markets though could stay near oblivious. Indeed, though many prices ‘should’ fall, they may not do so until at least mid-November, - propped up as they are by the trine aspect between Saturn and Uranus (geocentric). This Full Moon coincides with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in Virgo – forming yet another (though agreed not quite exact) trine with Pluto. This provides further impetus for market gain  - with those companies providing essential (Virgo) services and products leading the upward thrust.

And yet……..

Einstein noted that though October often proved treacherous for investors, the other months to watch out for were January, February, March, April etc!

Stock market losses at this time of year are not uncommon and the ingress of planets into Scorpio often brings with them at least initial negativity. If history repeats, then October 11th and 17th are dates to watch. Both could see moves to the down side. Concern around the former date may be linked to international travel and, perhaps, oil price increase. The latter may be down to political decision – or lack of.

In preparation for the event in Dublin next weekend (please see website for more details), I have been studying Venus’ role especially.  Using Venus’ geocentric position it can be shown that downturns in both the FTSE and SPX are likely as Venus moves through Scorpio whilst gains come with that planet’s transit of Capricorn. Venus moves into Scorpio on November 6th– though when other factors are taken into account I would not look for a downward trend until after 13th.



As has been stated here before, Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn at the end of the year is likely to bring with it a tightening in lending criteria and, most probably, a rise in interest rates. Though this might please savers, those who are already over-stretched through rising prices will no doubt find the going tough. Not to be negative, but it will surely get tougher still in two years’ time. This is really NOT the time to increase but rather to reduce debt where at all possible.



Straightforward seasonal analysis of Brent Crude Oil prices shows that least since 2002, the price has fallen between September and January. That this coincides with another analysis showing low prices as Mars moves from Virgo to Capricorn and (it is always wise to look for at least three different ‘clues’) with Mercury moving through a similar zodiacal area where again, prices have tended toward the low, suggests that the oil price will stay low for the rest of the year – despite two promising aspects formed by Jupiter. These aspects repeat in 2018 however when the price seems set to rise.



The BIG news between this Full Moon and the next is Jupiter’s Scorpio ingress. You may read that this will be a ‘good’ thing for those born under that sign. Speaking as a Libra who’s just experienced a year of Jupiter moving through that sign, I’m not quite as optimistic. True, it’s been a super-exciting ride: it’s also, at times, brought in more than I felt I could handle. So, Scorpios take care!

True, Scorpios will have the benefit of super-trines between Jupiter and Neptune which should soften things: perhaps making opportunities easier to embrace. With Mercury moving through Scorpio between October 17th through November 5th, sectors associated with Scorpio (luxury goods, in-depth research or data companies, engineers and mining companies) could experience above average volume.



As a piece of pure cosmic poetry, I have been asked to speak to the Jupiter Group here in London that evening. As this is the date of the first Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in over a decade, the timing seems perfect. Obviously the topic is Jupiter! Whilst welcoming its arrival in Scorpio, I am also happy to celebrate it leaving Libra – enough, already!

Given the busy-ness of this last two weeks it has not been possible to get the new draconic website up and running or finalise the schedule for Florida - hopefully in December. As soon as that information is ready I will mail it on.


I am delighted to tell you too that I have been asked to speak at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, Oxford Summer School next August.

All this, and details of the Montreal and Toronto 2018 visits to come soon.

For now, and following the success of my husband’s recent eye operations, I am off to give thanks and to get my personal new year off to a good start.

With all good wishes

Yours from the stars,




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