Dear Fellow Star-gazers,

Happy Super Full Moon!

Yes, at this Full Moon (sometimes called the Pink, Grass or Egg Moon), the Moon is at its closest to Earth this year - so It's a Super Moon.

Let’s hope it brings promise, hope and joy.

However, the planetary picture surrounding this one doesn’t look ‘happy’ at all. Just a few hours before the event, Mars and Uranus reach Last Quarter phase. This has long been considered an ‘explosive’ combination. Added to the positions of Saturn and Pluto, it seems likely that this will prove a week of high drama in the market-place and beyond.



Let’s start with possible planet signatures for the pandemic: One of the many key factors is the parallel between Pluto and Chiron: an aspect that repeats through to 2022. And yes, there may be several phases to the spread and recurrence of Covid 19.

Yet there are planetary indicators for a breakthrough in prevention and treatment. When we mix zodiacs, we are looking at different perspectives (heliocentric, geocentric and draconic). When these align (think cross-hairs), there is high probability of eventfulness.  It is fascinating that just as the world went into lock-down both Saturn (geocentric) and Uranus (draconic) made Aquarius ingress.

Looking forward, it is possible that tentative vaccines have already been made but that they have yet to pass through administrative hurdles – most probably after Saturn returns to geocentric Aquarius at the end of 2020. Actual fast-acting and extra-ordinary treatments may not be far behind, though true, these are unlikely to be available globally until 2022.

I am hopeful that in many countries, the peak will be reached at the Last Quarter Moon on April 14th which takes place just after Neptune and Chiron reach their exact contra-parallel. True, this could be a most difficult day with the weight of sadness almost too much to bear. I hope that I am wrong.



Already many major sporting and artistic events of global interest have been cancelled. Might the US election be next on the list? That seems likely. On June 18th – and just 3 days ahead of a major solar eclipse on the world axis, Mercury turns retrograde at 14 Cancer (close to the exact degree of the Sun in the 1776 chart for the United States. Between that date and the Full Moon on July 5th (yes, within hours of the USA’s national birthday) we might reasonably expect animated discussion as to whether or not the election can/should/will go ahead.

Mercury, then at perihelion, arrives at direct station at near exact right angle to both Saturn and Pluto on the planned election day (November 3rd). Administrative preparations will likely be beset by difficulty. Furthermore, given that November could yet bring phase two of the pandemic, it may be thought unsafe to ask the electorate to attend events or to cast votes at polling stations.



It seems likely that the USA – as seems to be the case for most countries, will need to raid its financial war chest to fight the corona virus. The effect on commercial activity will be considerable and have impact on the US dollar whose status as the world’s reserve currency will likely soon be lost.

As many of you know, I am of the opinion that before the end of the year, a global digital currency - backed by gold - will be announced. The era of the crypto currency market is only at its dawn. Recently, and thanks to the wonderful support from the people at Optuma (, I have accessed data for many of the new digital currencies. It is going to take some time to determine the astro-codes behind each. That said, I have reason to think that Bitcoin will be in the news in a positive way before the next Full Moon.  Those inclined to trade (gamble) in this area will doubtless witness major swings from April 11th through 19th.



Traders speak talk of a ‘dead cat bounce’ where stocks rebound before falling again. There may be several of these ahead – multiple dead cat bounces ! From the astrological perspective it is doubtful that we have seen the bottom of the market. Investors though need not despair: markets have recovered from sharp drops in the past. On August 16th, 1974, the Dow Jones fell by over 45% taking over eight years to recover. If it has happened before, it can happen again.

Venus has now entered Gemini – and for an extended stay due to retrogradation. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, this positioning works well for the Dow Jones index especially. That index makes greatest gains with Venus in this sign – but not always. In those years where Venus is retrograde in Gemini, the results are different. The actual stations mark important moments (usually turning points),  with the weeks following the direct station particularly volatile. If history repeats, then May 13th should be a red letter day. That this date is sandwiched exactly between first a Saturn station 9May 11th) and a Jupiter station (15th) would seem to indicate a particularly volatile week for trading. Yes this is just after the next Full Moon (May 7th – but worth mentioning now).

Not that there aren’t indicators for difficult days in April – notably Wednesday 15th and Tuesday 21st.



As you may remember, I called the gold price rise in February correctly. If the same rules apply, then I expect another rise from Tuesday April 28th. I remain bullish on gold (though not on gold stocks).

For the last Saturn cycle (since 1992), silver prices have been at their lowest in May and June; rising in July (as the Sun moves through Cancer). Further analysis suggests that the price tends to rise with Mars in Pisces. So, how best to read ‘low in May/June’ with possible rise as Mars moves through Pisces from May 13th? I am working on that…….but will tell you that heliocentric analysis suggests that we should see an increase toward $18 on the silver spot price around Friday April 10th.



Nor should we discount the possibility of natural disaster wreaking further havoc before the next Full Moon. From the Last Quarter Moon on April 14th through to Wednesday 29th, literal cracks in the Earth’s surface could occur – (noting particularly the Moon’s position on Tuesday 28th). Let us hope that if this does occur, then damage will be limited – we all have enough to cope with.



It was determined that my husband would be safer at home than in hospital. He was discharged last week (just as Mercury returned to the position it held when he was admitted). This last week has not been easy and my gratitude to the district nurses and carers assisting us is limitless. Their dedication is humbling.

As always, with gratitude to the very many of you who sent us healing and supportive wishes. You cannot imagine the difference this makes to my day.

Wishing you all well and that you and yours stay safe.

Yours from the stars


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