Elliott Wave Webinar covering SPX, NDX, Crude Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, Euro, Nifty and NSE Stocks [Video]

This webinar was conducted on 30/12/2018 .

A detailed analysis of various Global Indices and major commodities has been done.

SPX : Long tern counts discussed alongside NDX 100.

Gold, Crude Oil, Bitcoin, Euro, Nifty, NSE Stocks : Trading strategies discussed.

Apart from discussing the trading strategies and detailed Elliott Wave counts for the respective instruments alternate hypothesis have also been discussed wherever possible.

At the end an Intraday trade using Elliott Wave has also been discussed so that viewers can see the live market application of the concepts.

Time Stamps :

SPX : 4:10

NASDAQ 100 : 14:20

Crude Oil : 17:10

Gold : 25:30

EUR/USD : 30:40

Nifty 50 : 37:15

Tech Mahindra (NSE Stock) : 48:25

Yes Bank (NSE Stock) : 51:10

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) : 53:50

Intraday Trade Discussed : 1:01:15


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