Not only is AUD/USD and AUD cross pairs oversold to G28 currencies but AUD Vs EM begins the week at exorbitant oversold and offers easy money trades for the week. Offered are AUD Vs EM trades. Nothing happening to AUD/TRY but against the vast majority of EM currencies, AUD is massively oversold and heading higher.

AUD/BRL Close 3.8272

Long 3.7953 and 3.7803 to target 3.8554.

AUD/CNY Close 4.7449

Long 4.7404 and 4.7355 to target 4.7753.

AUD/DKK Close 4.6018

Long Anywhere or 4.6006 to target 4.6414

AUD/HRK Close 4.6411

Long Anywhere or 4.6408 to target 4.6856

AUD/HUF Close 221.73

Long 221.79 to target 223.52

AUD/MYR Close 3.0990

Long Anywhere or 3.0967 to target 3.1133

AUD/PLN Close 2.8266

Long Anywhere or 2.8266 to target 2.8558

AUD/RON Close 3.0415

Long 3.0457 to target 3.0716

AUD/ZAR Close 10.7066

Long 10.6801 and 10.6701 to target 10.7401

AUD/RUB Close 53.71

Long Anywhere or 53.53 and 53.46 to target 55.12.

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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Latest Forex Analysis

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