Bitcoin is at 15,000- Who Would Have Thought So Last Month



Dear traders,

Bitcoin has officially surpassed 15,000. It has been a week without our analysis and the price of Bitcoin has almost doubled. Isn’t that spectacular.

As the best bitcoin brokers comparison website online, we are absolutely amazed by the speed with which Bitcoin has climbed.


Bitcoin is at 15,000

The logical question all of you would be asking is what is the next stop.

When price has risen so much, so fast it is hard to say. The most reasonable thing to do is wait for a retracement or a dip and then find a support level, from where to go long.

The question is whether such a dip will occur before 20,000. One way or another, a lot of investors are looking at the 20,000 as the next resistance level and a potential price target.

What comes after 20,000?

30K, 50K, 100K…

It is hard to say how much Bitcoin will rise. Everyone is saying it is a bubble. Usually, when there is a bubble, people are not talking about it. It just pricks and they realise it was a bubble. Only too late…

Is this the case with Bitcoin. I don’t think so. If everyone is talking that it is a bubble, it probably isn’t.

In the end of the day, the winners will be the ones that learn faster how to manage risk.

Happy Trading,

Ben Hooda

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