Spanish Fin Min de Guindos discards full bailout for Spain (San Francisco) - Luis de Guindos, Spanish finance ministry, has affirmed that SPain won't need to ask for bailout in the coming days. He also stated that the premium risk is rocking due to the "situation of irrationality in the markets."

De Guindos was testifying in the Congress about the "Financial aid" recieved from the EU. Meanwhile, the Spanish debt cost is hiking again on Monday with the 10Y bonds reaching highs of 7.57% and currently being at 7.51% with a 635 points as differential with Germany.

In this line, Germany finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble will meet Luis de Guindos on Tuesday to talks on crisis and spiralling bond yields. According to source, Spain woud ask €300 billion bailout from the EU and the IMF.