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The British electorate on Thursday faces the likely and unusual result of a hung Parliament, that is, without a clear majority for either main party, Conservatives or Labor. Coalition governments are common on the continent but rare in England. Except for the current arrangement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, the only two prior coalition governments in the last 150 years were during the two world wars of the 20th century. Coalitions, at least in formation, tend to give fringe political views greater weight in government. In Britain the likely coalition parties are the Scottish Nationalists, the anti-European UK Independence Party, UKIP, and the current government partner the Liberal Democrats. The Scottish Nationalists are mainstream social democrats and aside from their focus on Scottish nationalism are unlikely to challenge the governing consensus on British membership in the European Union or to advocate joining the euro. The UKIP is a different story. They garnered the fourth most votes in the 2010 elections and won the highest share of any party in the 2014 European Parliament elections. They advocate leaving the European Union and much greater independence from continental concerns. A strong showing, let alone consideration or inclusion in government would send shockwaves throughout the European political and financial establishments. Economic crisis have a way of dispensing with old political arrangement and fomenting new. We may be at the beginning of Europe’s emergence from the sureties of the post war world. Join us on Thursday for a sense of history as it happens. Read here our special interview with Joseph Trevisani about UK Elections.

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EUR/USD battles 1.19 after cautious ECB minutes

EUR/USD has stabilized around 1.19 after the ECB meeting minutes pointed to some caution about expanding the bond-buying scheme. Earlier, the dollar weakened after the Fed signaled openness to more QE. The US holiday implies thin volume.


USD/JPY slides to fresh session lows, around 104.25-20 region

USD/JPY witnessed some selling on Thursday amid persistent selling surrounding the greenback. COVID-19 vaccine optimism might cap gains for the safe-haven JPY and help limit the downside. Holiday-thinned liquidity conditions could further hold investors from placing fresh bearish bets.


GBP/USD falls below 1.3350 amid Brexit concerns

GBP/USD retreats from near 1.3400, undermined by Brexit woes and renewed dollar demand. Doubts arise about Chief EU Negotiator Barnier traveling to London.


XAU/USD remains supported above $1800 level amid quiet holiday trade

Spot gold (XAU/USD) continues its gradual grind higher for a second day, the precious metal having bounced at support at the psychological $1800 mark on Tuesday, following a hefty sell-off at the start of the week that saw spot prices drop from the high $1800s. 

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WTI retreats from tops beyond $46.00 per barrel

Prices of the WTI met sellers above the $46.00 mark. Demand concerns re-emerge and weigh on sentiment. The EIA reported US crude supplies dropped by 0.754M last week.

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