Panel: US Election + Forex market with Martin Armstrong & Adan Button

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The race for president between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gets nastier every day as the election day is approaching. 

Many traders ask how they can be ready to make profits of any presidential outcome. Trade presidents? Who cares who will be the next POTUS if you are prepared for any scenario? Here is the answer.

FXStreet presents the US Election panel discussion in alliance with ForexLive and Armstrong Economics. The experts will be Adam Button and Martin Armstrong; the moderator will be FXStreet’s Editor and Journalist Ross Burland. 

The players: 

Martin Armstrong is the Chairman of Armstrong Economics, the creator of the Economic Confidence Model, and the FXStreet's Person of the Year 2015.

Adam Button is the CEO of ForexLive, a Currency Analyst for, and FXStreet's Person of the year 2014. 

Ross Burland is a FXStreet Editor and Analyst, social activist and CEO of