One Day, One topic: SCALPING – High Frequency FX Trading

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Sam began his career on the institution side of the business, facilitating order flow from banks, money managers, hedge funds, and more. Today, Sam is responsible for Online Trading Academy's patented market timing strategy that is the key to High Frequency Trading. It's no secret that banks and financial Institutions are very profitable in the world of short term trading. On the other side, retail short term traders produce either minimal profits or lose. Conventional High Frequency Trading is the use of computer algorithms to rapidly trade financial instruments. Institutions use High Frequency Trading almost exclusively for market-making and arbitrage trading. While this type of trading has been dominated by major banks and institutions, proper High Frequency Trading offers retail traders opportunity for short term income as well. The key to successful High Frequency Trading is having a simple rule based strategy that allows you to objectively determine market turning points and market moves in advance with a very high degree of accuracy. During this session, Sam will share the logic and High Frequency Trading rules to help you understand and properly execute.