FXStreet Coastline Trading course 2018


On-site course


13-14th December



With almost 20 years in the Forex market, being a reference site for information and education, FXStreet ventures for the first time into imparting a live course on trading, but not only on traditional trading, the course will focus on one of the most radically non-canonical trading technique, Coast Line Trading.

FXStreet expert, Gonçalo Moreira, has been studying CoastLine trading for more than five years and what is best putting it into practice, successfully.

Gonçalo Moreira, CMT
Content Advisor FXStreet

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Full description of course

From this experience came the idea to create a course by which FXStreet could teach traders new ways of trading that prove to be effective, signed with the site’s quality stamp.

Imparted by the same Gonçalo Moreira and some special guests, the first FXStreet trading course will be held in Singapore, on the 13 and 14th of December, in the xxxxxxx pavillion.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are looking for a different trading approach they can have confidence in. We built this course for everyone drowning in systems without a tangible success. We will show you, it's not the system that makes the difference, it's how you manage your positions.

In a nutshell, it’s for those who want to learn from someone who exposes his real trading accounts track record for the public.

This is our formula:

Over 80% of the traders in any one-year lose money. Of the 20% who end with a profit, many were just lucky and are likely to lose money in the following year. Does this mean that it is impossible to make money in financial markets? No, it is feasible to earn money on a consistent basis, but it is difficult.

The reason why you can make money is because during a certain time period, the price risk is a lot smaller than the profit opportunity. This is the core formula of what we will teach you: take a currency pair, trading it in both directions but with a macro-oriented bias. Regularly “bank” small trades while building a long-term position. And we do it with low leverage on multiple price levels. But this is easier said than done. It involves some study and practice on your part.

In order to prepare you to trade based on this hypothesis, we will cover a series of topics from active management of a position to macro idea generation. Besides, you will be geared with superior support and resistance analysis, trading strategies and a few proprietary tools.


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The Coastline concept

  • A different way to exploit volatility
  • How to formulate an hypothesis for a trading model
  • How to start validating a model with basic statistics

Particularities of the FX market

  • Exchange rates do not behave like “prices”
  • How to deal with waves and fractality
  • Why small orders impact the market so much
  • Profiting from risk events: stop cascades and contagions

The Mechanics of Risk Management

  • How to keep a position like an institutional dealer
  • How to manage losing trades and drawdowns
  • Other costs some methodologies have to take into account

Trading the Coastline

  • Why there is no need to rush into the big trade
  • Using price frames instead of time frames
  • Trade with inverse risk-reward rations and use no stops
  • How to manage the balance and equity lines on your account

The Technical Tool Box

  • How to draw trendlines and channels proactively
  • How to recognise supply-demand imbalances
  • Take home some backtested strategies
  • How to take advantage of positioning data
  • Using economic data releases to trade intraday

Macro Idea Generation

  • Relevant macro themes and current asymmetric opportunities
  • Exploit formations and unwinding of carry trades
  • Learn to read capital flows
  • Learn about market indicators few people are looking at

The Missing Indicator: Time

  • Cycle nesting (or clustering) as opportunity windows
  • Finding your personal cycles for better decision making

Road map to 2020

  • How trading conditions might look like
  • Trade ideas for the near future

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