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Advertising and Sponsorship

Audience Profile:

  • Over 12 M /monthly pageviews
  • +4M monthly users
  • +8M monthly sessions
  • 14 languages

Top ten countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • The Netherlans
  • Philippines

More info:

Advertising Options

1. Broker listing

Broker Listing service includes:

Pricing: 3,050€/month

Broker Listing Page:

FXStreet broker listing page

Broker Profile:

FXStreet broker profile

2. FXStreet Ownership deal (Global No US audience)

10% SOV formula. Includes:

  • 12 hours/week Home Page
  • 12 hours/week Economic Calendar
  • 12 hours/week R&C section
  • 12 hours/week News section
  • 12 hours/week Analysis section
  • 5 hours during the weekend, full site
  • Broker listing service
  • 1 dedicated email/month (55,000 No US subscribers)

Pricing: 22,000€/month

5% SOV formula. Includes:

  • 6 hours/week Home Page
  • 6 hours/week Economic Calendar
  • 6 hours/week R&C section
  • 6 hours/week News section
  • 6 hours/week Analysis section
  • 2.5 hours during the weekend, full site

Pricing: 11,000€/month

Possibility to take it in on weekly basis. Price is 5,500€ / week.*

*The broker listing and dedicated email are not included for weekly bookings.

Examples of brand exposure:

Home FXStreet Advertising

3. FXStreet Ownership deal (US audience)

Audience profile:

  • 100% Forex dedicated
  • +3M monthly pageviews
  • +2M monthly users
  • +3M monthly sessions

100% SOV formula. Includes:

  • 24/7 Home Page
  • 24/7 Economic Calendar
  • 24/7 R&C section
  • 24/7 News section
  • Broker listing service
  • 1 dedicated email/month (110,000 Global subscribers)

Pricing: 29,000€/month

Want to book some specific sections?

  • Home Page Pricing: 4,250€/month
  • Economic Calendar Pricing: 4,250€/month
  • R&C section Pricing: 4,000€/month
  • News section Pricing: 12,5000€/month
  • Analysis section Pricing: 6,800€/month

Examples of brand exposure:

Home FXStreet Advertising

4. FXStreet language sites

Home FXStreet Advertising Languages
  • The full site ownership includes all banner position on 24/7 100% SOV
  • The prices are on monthly basis

Example of Ownership exposure:

Home FXStreet Advertising Languages

Example of broker listing:

Home FXStreet Advertising Languages

5. FXStreet Cryptocurrencies Section Ownership


  • Over 7M monthly pageviews.
  • Over 6M monthly sessions.
  • Over 3M monthly users.
  • 100% SOV.
  • One section, one partner only.
  • Premium Broker listing or exchange listing included.
  • Crypto listing: 750€/month*.
  • Exchange listing: 750€/month (top 5 position)*.
  • ICO analysis/review (done by FXStreet analysts): 800€/piece*.
  • Crypto related sponsored content: 500€/piece*.

*Also sold separately

FXStreet Advertising Cryptocurrencies

More info: [email protected]

FXStreet Advertising Cryptocurrencies

6. Sponsored Content and Press releases

  • The content will be trading related and must fulfil FXStreet quality standards
  • The content cannot be merely commercial.
  • The content is subjected to FXStreet approval.
  • 1 No-Follow link can be included.
  • The content will be highlighted and posted lifetime in its section accordingly (News, Analysis, Education, Cryptocurrencies, etc).


  • 500€/article or press release*.
  • Highlighting for Forex and Crypto: 1000 € weekly /per piece.

Logo Social FXStreet

7. E-mail blast campaigns

  • FXStreet database: 111,000 subscribers.
    Price: 0,15€ / subscriber.
  • Myfxbook database: 400,000 subscribers.
    Price: 0,09€ / subscriber.
  • ForexCrunch database: 20,000 subscribers.
    Price: 0,14€ / subscriber.
email advertising FXStreet

8. Social Media


  • FXStreet Facebook profile: Reach our 90,000 FX dedicated audience at price 500€ / post*.
  • FXStreet Twitter profile: Reach our 215,000 FX dedicated audience at price 500€ / post*.

*Minimum booking of 5 pieces.

Social Media FXStreet

9. Retargeting

Find FX audience in all websites

FXStreet advertising is trespassing its borders. Now you can find FXStreet users in any website. We follow them with a cookie and that will allow you to present your message in any page they visit. The service ensures you can target any FX interested audience at a lower CPM rate.

You decide the budget!

Retargeting FXStreet

10.1. FXStreet Forex Network

Logo TradingView
  • 8.2 million users monthly
  • 16 minutes average time on page
  • 100 countries
  • 90 million monthly pageviews
Logo TradingView

Focused, high net-worth audience

Monthly audience is 8.2M+ of highly engaged retail traders and investors from over 100 countries. Stocks, Futures, Forex and Bitcoin traders with trading accounts are the primary audience. More than 810,000 visit every day and spend over 16 minutes per average visit.

Tons of fans for your brand

Connect with the community directly by promoting your ideas and get in front of people not yet following you. Quickly grow your high-value followers and drive word-of-mouth traffic with quality engagement.


True native ads that get results

Over 1.8 trillion ads remain unseen every year - don’t pay for something that doesn’t get results. We offer only highly effective native advertising with 100% viewability.

Advertising prices

Prices start with a low minimum and are then determined by an auction between all advertisers. The highest bid wins at any given time.