To find the trading opportunities promptly, use newly developed notification system

People always search for the most convenient way in which they can gain higher profit with the least effort. To achieve the highest success rate of trading, traders must find the most suitable spots on a price trend.

These spots are majorly at the start of a trend where the price has changed the direction. Regularly price changes its direction when a market meets certain conditions, which can be recognized by the trading strategies. The major concept of using trading strategies is based on a well-known quotes “History Repeats Itself”. Even if a unique condition disturbs the market prices, it shows a pattern that have not recognized before.

Considering the previous performance of strategies, traders can select the most powerful one based on the current market conditions as well as their trading techniques. Not only correct direction forecast is essential for successful orders, but also the right time and right price have tremendous outcome. In case that the orders are placed with delay, not only the Probability of Success declines dramatically but also the amount of profit shrinks.

Only small number of traders have adequate skills and knowledge for successful trades, however, they still require multiple confirmations and market analysis. Trading signals and analysis are truly one of the most important support that can boost traders’ gain and promote their knowledge and skills. These signals and analysis must be delivered promptly and swiftly just after that a strategy is formed by the market price on chart.

There were various delivery methods such as email and text messages. These methods have poor performance since they are using old technologies and concept. Nearly none of the traders can check their inbox on a certain period daily. When a good trading signal or market analysis is sent to their inbox, they will miss the right time to use that trading signal or analysis. The Text messages have delivery problems due to the fact that different mobile service providers implement various technologies. Even if a trading opportunity can be successfully delivered to a trader, there are high delivery delay and latency.

Other old technology for the trading opportunity notifications and alerts is implemented on the running platform, which means that trader must open trading platforms like MT4 and watch the market price for a good trading signal or market analysis that is fit to their trading techniques and estimates. This is quite boring and tiresome for traders to waste their time in front of market price daily to receive a signal or analysis.
When there is a need, there is a way. Every day, people are eager to save their time and energy for higher efficiency so the number of app users are increasing considerably. The Push Notification system is a high-tech solution to help traders not only to receive the trading signals and analysis on time but also traders can customize those signals and analysis that they desire.

Receive real-time signals & analysis from PFOREX Assist

Nowadays, by implementing the Push Notification system, trader will receive trading signals and analysis once the desired strategy is formed, hence trader will not miss any trading opportunity any more.

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