Time to Trade CFDs on Cryptos with Plus500

Never traded CFDs on Bitcoin? In this article, you will find information about trading CFDs on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Note: CFDs are complex financial products and should only be used by people with financial market experience. Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. "Availability subject to regulation." .

First of all, open an account

While there are several ways to trade Bitcoin, the easiest way is to open an account with a fast, reliable broker such as Plus500, which provides traders the chance to take advantage of trading opportunities in the cryptocurrencies market using CFDs.

Compared to other services to trade cryptocurrencies, Plus500 offers leverage and the possibility to open short positions in Bitcoin, thus profiting from market declines.

Opening an account at Plus 500 is an easy process, just follow these simple steps:

1 Visit Plus500 and click on Start Trading Now (CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.):

Plus500 Step 1

2 On the next page choose Real Money:

Plus500 Step 2

3 In the form just enter your email address and a password of your choice, and click on Create Account:

Plus500 Step 3

4 In order to activate your account, you will have to provide your personal details as well as documentation to verify your identity:

Plus500 Step 4

5 Once your account has been approved, you will be able to deposit funds. Plus500 offers traders the ability to deposit funds using a bank transfer, credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal and Skrill accounts:

Plus500 Step 5

6 Once your account is funded, you’re ready to trade Bitcoin as well as other cryptos. Just click on ‘Trade’ and choose ‘Crypto Currencies’ to get the full list of CFDs on cryptocurrencies you can trade and take a look at some charts:

Plus500 Step 6

* Prices showed on the image are just illustrative

It’s Time to Buy and Sell

The Plus500 easy-to-use platform allows to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrency CFDs by choosing the right button.

Plus500 platform

* Prices showed on the image are just illustrative

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin, just hit ‘Buy’. A new window will appear where you’ll be able to set up the parameters of your order including the number of contracts, as well as the take profit and stop loss levels. The required margin for the trading position is quickly updated as you modify the size of the contract. Once your order is ready, just click the Buy button to open a position.

Plus500 platform

* Prices showed on the image are just illustrative

Once your order has filled you will get real-time information about your open position, including the required margin, the profit or loss and the available funds to trade. Closing your position is straightforward: just click on the ‘Close’ button that appears next to your position.

Plus500 platform

* Prices showed on the image are just illustrative

In addition to Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrency CFDs you can trade at Plus500 as well. These include CFDs on Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, IOTA, EOS and NEO. This is definitely a whole new world of assets to explore and find good trading opportunities.

Plus500 platform

* Prices showed on the image are just illustrative

Shape your strategy

Before positioning yourself in the market, take advantage of all the FXStreet resources to make smarter decisions:

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Trade safe!


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