• Bitcoin’s dominance is up by 2.7% (57.1%), the total market cap is up by 12.2% ($285bn)‚ and overall volume is up by 15.3%($70.3bn) on the previous week. Bitcoin is up by 18%, Ethereumby14%, XRP is up by10%, and EOS is up by 13%. The best performers among the top-30 crypto were Chainlink (54.4%), Zcash (20.2%) and NEO (20.5%).

  • Bakkt to Launch Bitcoin Futures Testing on 22 July

  • Binance to Launch U.S. Exchange and Blocks U.S. Customers in the meantime

  • Facebook Signs Up Notable Backers for its Crypto Project Libra

  • Visa Launches New Network to Facilitate B2B Cross-BorderPayments in 30+ Countries

  • Square Recruits Former Google Product Director Steve Lee

  • NEO and Liquefy Partner to Issue SecurityTokens

  • Ziyen Inc. Set To Tokenize Oil On The Ethereum Networ

  • Altcion.Io To Be Transformed Into A Securities Token Exchange


Market Momentum

Since last Monday the crypto markets have gained a solid 16%, driven largely by Bitcoin, where the total crypto market capitalization is at $284 billion. Over the same period daily volume has jumped from $60 to $75 billion. Bitcoin dominance is also up to 57.3% as it continues to eat into Altcoins. Bitcoin spiked by more than 18% last week, violating the generally bearish falling wedge pattern which pushed BTC back to yearly highs of  $9,400. The rest of the top-30 coins have recorded gains as well, with top performing assets Chainlink (54.4%), Neo and Zcash (both up 20%).

Figure 1. The performance and market capitalisation of top-30 cryptocurrencies (by MktCap)



Source: coinmarketcap.com, as of17thof June2019 as of 09:00 AMBST.

Figure 2. Worst performing digital assets* (7 days)



Source: coinmarketcap.com, *) MktCap>=$50m

Figure 3. MktCap of worst performing digital assets*



Source: coinmarketcap.com, *) MktCap>=$50m

Figure 4. Best performing digital assets (7 days)



Source: coinmarketcap.com, Mkt Cap >=$50m

Figure 5. MktCap of best performing digital assets



Source: coinmarketcap.com, Mkt Cap >=$50m

Figure 6. Top-30 digital assets by MktCap valuation


Source: Coinmarketcap.com, NKB Research *as of 17th of June2019, 10:30 BST


Crypto Market News

Bakkt to Launch Bitcoin Futures Testing On 22 July
On July 22nd, Bakkt will initiate user acceptance testing for its bitcoin futures listed and traded at ICE Futures U.S

Binance to Launch U.S. Exchange and Blocks U.S. Customers in the meantime
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, is launching a U.S. division. The Malta-based company said on Thursday that it is setting up Binance US, a new trading platform specifically targeting U.S. customers, in partnership with a firm called BAM Trading Services. The platform will be operated by BAM, while using Binance’s wallet and matching engine technologies.

Binance has also announced that it will stop serving US individual and corporate customers on Binance.com in September. Binance currently gets approximately 15% of its traffic from U.S. customers.

Facebook Signs Up Notable Backers for its Crypto Project Libra
As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s cryptocurrencyproject Libra will be governed by a consortium of firms known as the Libra Association, which includes the likes of Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.
Ahead of its cryptocurrency launch, Facebook has hired British bank lobbyist Ed  Bowles, a veteran executive at Standard Chartered, who will join the social media network in September.



Visa Launches New Network to Facilitate B2B Cross-Border Payments in 30+ Countries
Visa has announced the launch of its new payments network designed to speed up cross-border transactions.
The Visa B2B Connect network aims to provide financial institutions with a tool to manage corporate client international payments quickly. Upon launch, it will cover over 30 global trade corridors, with plans to expand to 90 markets by the end of the year. The network is utilising the open-source Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Square Recruits Former Google Product Director Steve Lee
US-based payments service platform Square Crypto has recruited former Google product director Steve Lee to boost bitcoin development, which accounts for a large amount of revenue in Square’s Cash app (the number 1 finance app).

YTD Tether has issued $1.5+ billion $USDT, an average of $9.3m a day.




NEO and Liquefy Partner to Issue Security Tokens
NEO Global Development (NGD), NEO’s investment arm, has just announced it is investing and partnering with Liquefy. The purpose of the collaboration is to develop security tokens on the NEO network.

Ziyen Inc. to Tokenize Oil & Gas on Ethereum Blockchain
Ziyen Inc., an oil and energy company, has just announced it will be tokenizing oil assets. The tokens will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Altcoins.io to be Transformed into Securities Token Exchange
The decentralized exchange Altcoin.io has just been acquired by BnkToTheFuture to build a compliant securities token exchange. BnkToTheFuture hopes to leverage the DEX’s technology to create an accessible exchange for tokenized securities.

This report is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation or investment advice. It is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument or as an official confirmation of any transaction. All market prices, data and other information contained in this report have been prepared from sources believed to be reliable, but we give no representation or warranty that the information is complete, accurate or current. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Future returns are not guaranteed and a total loss of principal may occur. This report may not be reproduced, redistributed, or copied in whole or in part for any purpose without NKB GROUP AG’s prior express consent and may not be distributed in jurisdictions where digital assets are prohibited.

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