The Gold & Silver Club

The Gold & Silver Club

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The Gold & Silver Club is an international Commodities Trading, Research and Advisory Group specializing in the Metals, Energies and Agriculture.

As internationally respected experts, the group's unique insights and research on the Global Commodity markets are routinely sought by major financial television channels and publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal to name a few.

The group provides in-depth business intelligence, market data, analytics and consulting services to a diverse client base ranging from Private Clients, Asset Managers, Banks, Family Offices, Trading Houses and Multinational Corporations operating in the Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas and Agribusiness sectors.

The in-depth research and analysis is provided to clients in over 120 countries seeking accurate data-driven insights and commentary across a full range of Commodity markets including the Metals, Energy and Agriculture. The research-driven approach provided for clients enables a superior flow of information and understanding of the markets, allowing them to make smarter and well-informed trading and investment decisions.