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FxBriefs helps traders make (and just as importantly, save) money by keeping them abreast of the latest market news and analysis. Not sure what to make of the latest headlines impacting the Forex market? FxBriefs has you covered, filtering the mind-numbing array of headlines and market gossip into a digestible format. Short, sweet and thankfully, Brief.

FxBriefs is staffed by folks who have been participants in and professional observers of markets for decades. Former traders at some of the world’s largest banks all, and analyst at some of the market’s most respected firms, we combine experience and judgement to help you navigate the often choppy waters of the global FX markets.

Our job is to get there before the rest of the pack and help define the themes that will evolve into market trends. Don’t wait for tomorrow morning’s paper to find out what happened in the markets today. Find out, as it happens.

At FxBriefs, we’re first, we’re fast and we like to have fun. We’re not some newswire, droning on without the slightest bit of perspective as to what’s important and what is not. Along the way, we may poke fun at a finance minister or central banker, or two. We’re not above illustrating a point with a whimsical graphic or a YouTube video. We pioneered the format, dating back to 2007.

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