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You have candles on every platform. You may be new to candles- or even using them now. Either way it is vital to your trading success that you learn how to use them correctly. That is why Mr. Nison is dedicated to giving traders and investors the correct candlestick education with Nison Candlesticks- Candlestick training the right way.
Mr. Nison’s highly-regarded company,, distinguishes itself by combining Japanese technical analysis (known as candlestick or candle charts) with the most effective tools of Western technical analysis.
The wide array of products on this site will help you spot turning signals before your competition, preserve capital, and improve market timing. Whether you are an institutional or private trader or investor, or new to candle charts, or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the exact product or service geared to letting you take full advantage of Steve Nison’s proven strategies.

A partial list of services and products includes:

Candlestick recognition software
Live and pre-recorded web seminars
Public seminars
DVD workshops
On-site institutional seminars
Personal Coaching
And many other resources

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