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LMAX Group is a dynamic, visionary and award-winning financial technology company. Operating one global marketplace for trading FX, metals, indices and commodities, LMAX Group delivers open access, transparency and level playing field to all market participants.

Clients trade on the LMAX Group central limit order book, driven by streaming no ‘last look’ limit-order liquidity from top tier banks and non-bank financial institutions. Servicing funds, banks, brokerages, asset managers and proprietary trading firms, LMAX Group offers an anonymous, regulated, rules-based trading environment, order execution in strict price/time priority, and access to real-time streaming market and trade data, enabling all market participants to control execution quality and total trading costs. Offering a comprehensive range of instruments and ultra-low latency execution, LMAX Group operates a global FX exchange infrastructure with matching engines in London, New York and Tokyo.

LMAX Group research desk publishes daily proprietary FX market research, Global FX Insights. Global FX Insights include in-depth market commentary, as well as technical and fundamental analysis. For the full commentary, click here. You can also get Global FX Insights by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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