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1998, The beginning - Most of our management team started up in 1998 as traders, dealers or brokers. They quickly became passionate about their work and followed bigger and bigger players on their career paths For 10 years of intensive work, experience and excellent results, an elite group was naturally created. The need for a new approach in the business was growing every day.

2008, Going on our own - During historical times, when crisis hit, aware of the common mistakes that the big players were making, we decided to put our institutional experience and dedication in the service of retail customers. We decided to leave corporations and become entrepreneurs. We kept our values, experience, discipline and business ethics and started to offer them to retail investors. We proved to ourselves and to our customers that crisis was just a state of mind.

2014, We go Global! - We grew beyond our expectations. We developed business and products that served our customers better than they were doing when we were part of big organizations. The fast increasing international demand for our services convinced us to open our gates globally. The future awaits…

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