Walid Salah El Din

Walid Salah El Din

Global Market Strategist FX Recommends

I have a well-known name specially among the Arabians who are interested in the Forex and CFDs markets. I have had more than 35 T.V interviews and you can watch some of them linked to www.fx-recommends.com home page. I have been chosen to join International Business Times selected Forex Experts in 2009 and I have reports there in formation like this .

My analyses have started to be published weekly constantly Since September 2002 at www.Fxstreet.com as FX Expert Author. During the recent 17 years, I have had sections at several interesting websites in our market like www.einvestorsforum.com and www.Forexforum.net. they have established sections for me under the title of “the current market sentiment” which is the name I usually write under. You can make a web search about my name or about “the current market sentiment” to have more details and results and to know how I cover the changes of the markets sentiments and theirs impacts on the currencies, the commodities, the stocks and the bonds markets by giving fundamental putting spots on certain important conjunctions in the markets supported by technical analyses and illustrating charts. I write in Arabic too at www.tdwl.net , www.nuqudy-3mlat.com , www.sa.investing.com and also at www.zawya.com So, I can revise too any economic article technically and fundamentally to be suitable for the Arabian investors or the normal public Arabic reader to figure out and evaluate the current markets discounting, the changes that could be in the monetary policies and the market changes probabilities for the foreseeable future. In 2011, I have been providing Market Analyses to One Financial. In 2013, I have been providing Market Analyses to Alpari UK. In 2014, I have been providing Market Analyses to IKONFX. In 2015, I have been providing Market Analyses to Trade-24. in 2016, I have been providing Market Analyses to IForex.

FX instructor Since 2002: Job descriptions: I have started teaching FX spot, future and options trading courses since 2002 technically and fundamentally. I have my own trading system which consists of 2 parts. One of them is for following the trend and the other one is for detecting the trend reversing as it can recognize the reversing signs and send signals for the reverse in a form of a trading plan too and this working on the Meta Quote trading platforms.

An independent Equities analyst since 2005: Job descriptions: I worked as an equities technical expert since Jan 2005 for independent Egyptian and Saudi investors working in their stocks markets exchange too depending basically on the Elliot Waves theory and developing of the way of using the candlestick and the price ranges for serving this same view of trading.

Chief Economist since 2008: Job descriptions: I worked as a chief economist at Elsherka Elalamaya in Egypt which is one of the companies which are particularly interested in the economical analyses and the researches of the Treasuries, Equities, Commodities and Forex markets. I make my own market analyses beside training new analysts and traders.