Stelios Kontogoulas

Stelios Kontogoulas

Co-Founder/ Analyst Forex Analytix

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Stelios was fascinated by computers from a very young age and went on to study Computer Science at Imperial College. Following a 5-year IT consulting career (having worked for Accenture among others), he felt unfulfilled and wanted to make a change. He completed an MBA and during that time – via a summer internship – he was exposed to the world of trading. He instantly knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his career. Stelios spent the next 10 busy years working for two major global banks in the City of London as an interest rates market-maker.
In 2012 Stelios decided to start a family with his wife and they both moved back home to Greece. Since then Stelios has been trading his family portfolio – mainly FX but also most other asset classes. His trading decisions are mostly driven by fundamentals and are very rarely short-term. He uses technicals for entry/exit points and is a loyal follower of basic technical analysis and Fibonacci.
Aside from trading and economics, Stelios spends most of his time with the 4 wonderful women in his life: his wife, his two baby daughters and his dog Milly. He is a devoted pool & snooker player and also loves to windsurf and play poker.

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