Peter Goodburn

Peter Goodburn

CFTe, MSTA WaveTrack International GmbH


We have published Elliott Wave price-forecasts since the late ‘80’s and the WaveTrack name was created a little later in the early ’90’s. The company has been publishing weekly and monthly price-forecast updates and advising our relatively small but unique institutional client base since that time. We recognise the Wave Principle is a deterministic system of analysis that uses historical price-data to project future trends, counter-trends and their amplitudes. This methodology combines a non-linear concept of price growth and decay with repeating patterns and time cycles to accurately predict developing trends in many of the major markets.


The Wave Principle is Ralph Nelson Elliott’s discovery that a specific and methodical repetition exists in the markets continuing gyrations. His studies of this phenomenon led to the distilling of a comprehensive and exact method of pattern recognition from which the seemingly chaotic activity of the markets could be viewed in an orderly manner. Once identified, each pattern was named, defined and illustrated with descriptions of how each are intimately linked together to form the basis of self-similar structures of larger variation. The characteristics of this principle are not only found in the markets, but exist throughout every material system - from the expanse of universal galaxies to the tiniest molecule.

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