Miltos Savvidis

Miltos Savvidis

Senior Trader & Chief Communications Officer FutexLive

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Miltos joined Futex on the graduate trader program in October 2012, after having completed a joint Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance at University College London and the London School of Economics. Since the beginning of 2013 he has been managing a global-macro portfolio in the main FICC and Equity Index futures markets.

Miltos main expertise are in macro-fundamental event risks such as G7 Central Bank policy meetings and speeches. A large majority of his trading strategies stem from an in-depth knowledge of the market's Technical Landscape using Market Profile and Charting Patterns, where he seeks to execute high probability trades that are backed by order-flow confirmation on the Price Ladder.

Miltos has also been an integral part of the foundation and inception of FutexLive, where he has worked closely with the CEO to build a leading trading floor channel that offers the key tools and accessibility in order to acquire trading talent on a global scale. In his current role as Chief Communications Officer at FutexLive, Miltos oversees the strategic relations with leading corporate and educational institutions, and seeks to bridge the gap between the investment community and Futex’ trading floor.

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