Matías Salord

Matías Salord

News Editor FXStreet

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Active in the financial markets since 2009, specializing in the Foreign Exchange Market. Matías has been working at FXStreet for nine years. Over the years, covered FX, emerging markets, bonds and commodities.


With interests in economics, finance, politics, charts and journalism, Matías Salord found his place in the forex market. Since 2007, he has been learning about technical analysis and financial markets. In 2009 he first started to collaborate with FXStreet, posting reports and writing news. Then he became a complete member. His job goes from webinars to collaborating with educational content.


Matías Salord has a long experience writing financial markets news, technical and fundamental analysis, about FX, emerging markets, and commodities. His analysis combines fundamental and technical perspectives. Over the years, accumulated knowledge from stocks to bonds, from major currencies to exotic pairs.


Matías graduated in the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, in Argentina, as an Economist. Also studied Social Comunicacion.

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