Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter

CEO Rockwell Trading

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As founder and CEO of Rockwell Trading Services LLC., Markus Heitkoetter has shared his trading methods and ideas with more than 300,000 traders in over 196 countries.

Markus started trading stocks 25 years ago, using point and figure charts from published numbers in the morning newspaper. In 1996, he began developing a number of trading systems and in 2002, decided to leave his job as a director at IBM to become a trader. Throughout his career, Markus has traded virtually everything from stocks, options, futures, commodities, spreads, forex, and interest rates.

In addition, he is the author of the bestselling books 'The Complete Guide To Day Trading' and “The Simple Strategy” and is an international speaker. His articles and videos are published on,, major publications, and thousands of websites around the world.

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