Khit Wong

Khit Wong

Trader Gann Explained

As a noted expert on and in “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities” and "Traders World," I specialize in applying W.D. Gann's complex theories to practical trading. My journey started with Trineaspect in 2011, evolving into Gann Explained in 2017, focusing on Gann’s Geometry, Mathematics, and Astrology for trading.

Fueling My Pursuit

My passion for mathematics and solving puzzles defines my trading philosophy. A memorable instance from my early education - solving 3 X 7 - 2 as 7X7-7-7-7-7-2 = 19 - illustrates my unique approach, looking at problems differently, which is essential in unlocking Gann’s secrets.

Educational Foundation & Trading Methodology

My academic journey culminated at Simon Fraser University in Canada, where I graduated with top honors in Mathematics, Statistics, & Logic. This rigorous foundation in mathematics wasn’t just a scholarly pursuit; it became the bedrock of my financial astrological research. I crafted a mathematical model that not only complements but elevates my geometry and astrological insights, leading to an approach that is as logical as it is effective – and supported by verifiable brokerage statements.

Notable achievements include a 433% return in 30 days with my Trading Genius Formula, a 359% return in 2 days using Astro Trading Signals, $2,260 from the Dow in 4 days with the Moon Trading Method, and $3,887 from a Square of Nine signal.

Books & Course

'Dive into 'Astro Volumes 1 & 2' to decode the arcane wisdom of W.D. Gann’s 'The Tunnel Thru The Air,' as these guides navigate you through the planetary cycles dynamics, pinpointing tops and bottoms and when they will switch off and give way to the new ones.

My in-depth analysis of the 180 & 360-degree cycles, alongside the Pyramid's geometric revelations, has laid bare the core principles of the Square of Nine — your compass for charting the unpredictable waters of market reversals with astonishing precision.

The 'Trading Genius Formula' distills this knowledge into a consistently profitable, actionable strategy, converting Gann's complex mathematics into straightforward, proven trading steps.